First steps


First steps

Your first steps

One rule.

Like everywhere, first steps could be very hard for some of us. We shouldn’t however, give up after first lesson.

Learning something new is a never ending story full of successes and failures. No matter, what you want to learn, the key to all things is the same – just do it, and keep doing it.

We should think about, how many joy we could get, and how much healthier we could be also doing any of the board sports, either on water, land or snow.

There is only one rule we should follow – first step: do it!

Whatever you want to do – kitesurfing, SUP, surfing, land kiteboarding, snowboarding etc. you should get in to it and be persistent. We can guarantee that you will enjoy every moment, from the start to become a pro. The secret of people who became a pro? They have been doing it long enough, despite the failures.

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.”


When you are ready to start, you should get yourself a proper gear, depends on what board sport you want to sink in to. As you know safety is the most important thing, and you should put it on the first place, before anything else. So you should always use a gear, that has been tested before and it is reliable.

On the pages above, you can find proper informations about many board sports, and what gear you will need.

One more thing, you should enjoy yourself whatever you will do. So go and find your ‘uniq surface‘.


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