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Body drag – kitesurfer pulled by a kite through the water without a board. Mostly used in early stage of learning kitesurfing and essential skill for recovering lost board when in the water.

Bridle – lines around the kite holding its shape.

Downwind (leeward) – the direction when wind is blowing from your back then your face is pointed downwind.

Power zone – the area on the sky where the kite generate most power, generally 0°-60°

Send it (kite) – to move kite aggressively up to power zone what causes lift of kitesurfer.

Upwind (windward) – the direction from which wind is blowing

Deck – The top of the board.

Deck pad – soft antislip foam pad, covers the area where you stand on.

Inflation valve – Only on inflatable SUP boards, where board can be pumped up, mostly located on the tail.

Leash – attaches the SUP board to rider.

Nose -front of the SUP board.

Tail – Back of the SUP board.